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Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001
(307) - 634 - 3052
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Photos Courtesy of Louis Davidson, Synagogues360.org

Shabbat Services

Friday - 7:00 PM - In person and online through Zoom.
Shabbat Services are led by lay leaders and Rabbi Moshe Halfon.

2019 Hanukah Party

Noam and Abby Mantaka Bris – November 19, 2019

Our congregation got together to celebrate the birth and Bris of Aviv Yakov Mantaka.  His proud parents were on hand, along with Grandma, and Aviv, who slept through much of the party.










4th of July Picnic – 2019

Israeli Scouts – July 2, 2019

2019 Endowment Concert featuring Sally and George and Jalan Crossland

2019 Yiddish Food Festival

Photos by Dr. Jason Bloomberg

Flydragon Painting and Wine for Mt. Sinai 2019

2019 Kugel Cookoff

Endowment Sponsored Seats

2019 Wyoming Pr-Legislative Interfaith Service
and Breakfast at Mt. Sinai Synagogue

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