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Shabbat Services

Please join us for Shabbat services every Friday evening at 7 PM.  Shabbat Services are also held on the first Saturday of every month at 10 AM, when we honor someone special in our Congregation. Our services are in person and online through Zoom.  At the conclusion of services, enjoy our Oneg Shabbat.

Shabbat Services are led by Rabbi Moshe Halfon and lay leaders.

We need Volunteers!  Volunteering is a great way to meet people and help our community at the same time.  We have lots of opportunities!


      • Come join us!  You don’t have to be Jewish or a member of Mt. Sinai to participate in our activities or help with our committees (but we wouldn’t mind if you were!).  We have a great group of volunteers, and they make our Synagogue come alive with a wide variety of activities.  Join us to help plan them, or just come and enjoy our events.  Please contact our Synagogue office for more information or to volunteer.  Thank you!


      • Sisterhood – The Sisterhood meets every month.  It handles all of the food prepared and served for our various activities and events.  Carol Fischer is the President of the Sisterhood.
      • Gift Shop – We have a wonderful gift shop stocked full of interesting and exciting Jewish items.  Need a menorah or mezuzah?  We’ve got them.  How about games for the kids, or a special Hanukah tablecloth?  The Gift Shop is run by the Sisterhood, so check with Carol Fischer.  We need volunteers to sell during our Synagogue events and keep the shop stocked with great stuff.
      • See’s Candy Sale – The See’s Candy Sale is the big fundraiser for the Sisterhood.  From the Sunday after Thanksgiving until we sell out, volunteers man the tables in the Synagogue and sell See’s Candy to the folks who come in.  A lot of people pre-order, so part of the job is assembling the orders for pickup.  And sometimes there are free samples to taste…
      • High Holyday Journal – Mary Weinstein is the Editor in Chief of the High Holy Day Journal.  It comes out in September and includes updates on what’s been happening with our entire membership.
      • Hadassah -Statewide chapter Book Group – The Hadassah Book Group gets together to talk about books they’ve read and share their thoughts.  Phyllis Bloomberg is our local organizer.
      • Yiddish Food Festival – This is our big one.  Hundreds of people come to the Synagogue to enjoy Jewish food (bagels, lox, cabbage rolls, kosher hot dogs, hummus, salads, rugelah, lots of wonderful pastries), listen to a Klezmer band, watch and participate in Israeli folk dancing, take tours of the Synagogue, talk with our Rabbi, and more.  We spend weeks preparing the food ahead of time, and it’s all hands on deck the day of the event.  We need people to man our booths, greet our visitors, and make sure everyone is having a great time.  The Yiddish Food Festival takes place in late June. Dave Lerner, the President of our Board of Directors, leads the planning.
      • Israeli Dancing – Just about every Sunday, our Israeli folk dancers meet in the Synagogue and kick up their heels.  They learn new dances, and practice the ones they already know.  It’s a great place for beginners.  Mary Weinstein teaches the class.
      • Purim Baskets – Every year around Purim, we send a gift basket (actually, they’re in bags) to every local member of our congregation.  The Purim baskets (or bags) include hamentashen, fruit, games, and other gifts.  The congregation sends greetings to each other to go with the Purim baskets.  It’s a warm and friendly fundraiser for us.  We need folks to help us assemble the bags and deliver them.  Tikvah McKinnon leads the effort.
      • Chevra Kadisha – When someone in our congregation passes away, there are special rituals and procedures to prepare the body for burial. Our Chevra Kadisha group takes care of that. There are separate groups that work with deceased men and women. Jeff Weinstein is the person in charge.
      • Hebrew Classes – Rabbi Halfon or Jeff Weinstein will teach classes to folks who want to learn Hebrew.
      • Adult Education – Rabbi Halfon teaches classes year round on different subjects.  An easy entry is Torah Thursday.  It meets every Thursday at noon and participants are encouraged to bring their lunch.  It’s free, and you’ll be engaged in a lively discussion about the Torah.  And/Or sign up for one of the Rabbi’s programs.
      • Education Committee – The Education Committee prepares activities for children around our major holidays.  The kids might learn how to bake matzah, make a dreidel out of clay, or create their own Purim groggers.  Gayle Wagner is in charge of the committee.
      • Library Committee – Mt. Sinai proudly owns the largest collection of Judaica in Wyoming, if not the entire Rocky Mountain region.  We have Jewish novels, movies, magazines, reference books, prayer books, historic documents and more.  Phyllis Bloomberg chairs the Library Committee.
      • Finance Committee – The Finance Committee meets to review and help prepare the budget.  Board President Dave Lerner chairs the committee.
      • Cemetery Committee – The Cemetery Committee works with the city to take care of the Jewish Cemetery in Cheyenne.  That includes maintenance, upkeep, and arranging new graves when needed.  Jeff Weinstein is in charge of the Cemetery Committee.
      • Building Committee – The Building Committee takes care of our building.  That means if there are any repairs or if something breaks, the building committee makes sure everything is fixed and in good working order.  So you would be working with plumbers, electricians, roofers, and others involved in keeping our building in great shape.  Steve Borin chairs the committee.
      • Membership Committee – The Membership Committee helps recruit new members and encourages the payment of dues. Our goal is to be a warm and welcoming place, and the Membership Committee works to achieve that. Phyllis Bloomberg is the chair.
      • Social Action Committee – The Social Action Committee focuses on our larger Cheyenne, Wyoming, U.S., and Jewish communities and helps with important social issues, such as feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, etc.  Phyllis Bloomberg is the chair.
      • Family Promise – Mt. Sinai is one of a number of local religious organizations that help families in need.  That could include providing food or a place to stay.  Phyllis Bloomberg is the chair.
      • Ritual & Liturgy Committee – The Ritual and Liturgy Committee works closely with the Rabbi on our services, religious observances, and traditions.  Jeff Weinstein leads the group.
      • Facility Usage Committee – The Facility Usage Committee looks into possible rentals of our building, including who can use the building and for what activities.  Board President Dave Lerner chairs the Committee.
      • B’nai Brith/Brotherhood – currently inactive – The B’nai Brith is not currently active but we are hoping to revive it when we get volunteers.
      • Garden/Backyard/landscaping – We are looking for volunteers with green thumbs who can help us with our garden and landscaping.  This is not mowing the lawn… this is the plants, trees, and flowers that make our area bloom.
      • Publicity – How should we advertise?  Social media?  Newspapers?  Billboards?  Our publicity committee plans our advertising and promotion for all of our events, but especially the Yiddish Food Festival. Judith Clark is the one in charge.
      • Liaison Committee – Our Liaison committee meets with the Rabbi on a regular basis.  It’s a way for the community to give feedback to the Rabbi and for the Rabbi to discuss issues with the community.  Board President Dave Lerner chairs the committee.
      • Trust – The Mt. Sinai Trust is one of our long term investment vehicles.  The principal of the Trust is never touched.  However, a portion of the interest does come to the Synagogue.  Our Trust board reviews and oversees the investments.  Morris Gardner is the chair.
      • Endowment Fund – The Endowment Fund is our second long term investment.  It also donates a portion of its interest to the Synagogue.  The Endowment Board meets every month to review the investments.  Steve Borin is the chair.



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