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Photos Courtesy of Louis Davidson, Synagogues360.org

Shabbat Services

Please join us for Shabbat services every Friday evening at 7 PM.  Shabbat Services are also held on the first Saturday of every month at 10 AM, when we honor someone special in our Congregation. Our services are in person and online through Zoom  At the conclusion of services, enjoy our Oneg Shabbat.

Shabbat Services are led by lay leaders and Rabbi Moshe Halfon.

Video Gallery

Acoustic Sound Check



Bottomlands with Warrie Means

Fish For Free

Rabbi Moshe Druin – Sofer speaking at Mt. Sinai Congregation Cheyenne, Wyoming August 27, 2014

Sofer Rabbi Moshe Druin compares Sephardic and Ashkenazi Torahs – courtesy Dr. Jason Bloomberg

Wyoming’s oldest synagogue prepares
a metal pot for Passover with a torch

Wyoming’s oldest synagogue prepares surfaces which cannot be Kashered with fire for Passover

Yiddish Food Festival Dancers – 2012


Wyoming’s oldest synagogue prepares metal counters and sinks for Passover with a torch

Wyoming’s oldest synagogue prepares
glassware for Passover

“Eve” Window Dedication at Mt. Sinai Cheyenne April 20, 2008 – video courtesy Dr. Jason Bloomberg

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