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Shabbat Services

Friday - 7:00 PM - In person and online through Zoom.
Shabbat Services are led by lay leaders and Rabbi Moshe Halfon.

Mt. Sinai Judaica Library

As previously noted, the building includes a library of Jewish books, tapes and periodicals (approximately 1200 books and 100 cassette tapes), currently chaired by Dorothy Feldman in memory of her late husband, Joe Feldman. His extensive collection of books has been doubled by donations of many people who lived in Cheyenne and left their treasured books to the library upon their death.

This library is qualified to be certified as a Judaica Library and would be the only certified Jewish library in Wyoming.

This page includes a link to LibraryThing.com where a catalog of the books available may be found. The connection allows for the searching of books by author, title, as well as subject matter.

The subject matter is divided into 14 categories:

  1. Jewish Culture and Religion
  2. Jewish Philosophy and Literature
  3. World Jewish History
  4. American Jewish History
  5. The Near East (Both Jewish & Arab authors)
  6. Hebrew Language
  7. Yiddish Language
  8. Ancient History and Archeology (Biblical Archeological Review)
  9. Holocaust History
  10. Music Cassettes
  11. Reference Section And Old Prayer Books
  12. Jewish Periodicals
  13. Genealogy of Cheyenne Jewish Cemetery
  14. Mt. Sinai Congregation History (Incomplete)

The library is currently closed. Please contact the Synagogue office if you would like to check out or return library materials.

Materials may be checked out by members and friends of Mt. Sinai as well as other persons by arrangement.

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